Birthday (or) Ayush Homam

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The purpose of performing Aayush Homam is that, when a child is born, the possibilities of having the vibrations of previous birth and might identify the previous birth's contacts. To remove that from the present body, they apply certain herbal sticks, that will heat the body and mind, which will remove the poorva jenma karma, and make the child fit to live this generation. In The Holy fire they offer cooked rice, ghee made out of cow's milk and some samithu known as wooden sticks of smaller size. While offering these, they recite and chant the Ayush Sooktham for a minimum three times, that contain 8 stanzas. The Ayush homam is a special fire ritual done on your Birth Star (Nakshatra) day. The Ayush Fire Lab will invoke these blessings for your longevity, healthy life, recovery from health ailments and mental traumas, to negotiate the world, both on a spiritual and a material level! Ayur Devata