Jabam & Special Pujas

Jabam & Special Pujas

We do Special puja's and Jabam's on your request as per your needs in life. You can always contact us for further clarification on the list below as well as for other prosperity in life. we are here to serve you at the best. Please contact us at raju@onlineprohith.com or reach us at + 91 9444072446

The package price depends on the Puja's and for how many person's to be performed. The package price for Jabam depends on the number of times the jabam's has to be performed

Special Puja's

  • Vaikunta Ekadesi puja
  • Amavasi Somavara Vruta  Puja  
  • Varalakshmi Vritham
  • Amavasa Tharpanam
  • Avani Avattam


Indrakshi Jabam
This Jabam cures all types of fever and other health issues.Its very powerful Jabam, it will enrich your health and wealth

Ayushe Jabam
This Jabam increases your life span of life and makes your life path without any hinderance

Dhanvanthri Jabam
This Jabam makes the bedridden ill health people to normal and active. Its very powerful and should be recite by only well educated prohithor

Mrithunjeya Jabam
This Jabam is the most powerful Shiva Jabams and should be recite by only well educated prohithor. This Jabam is for great health and peace of mind

Rudra Japa Parayanam
Rudra Jabam has to be performed  11 times with 11 prohithors to get the desired results for our well being and success in our life

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